French Canadians in Troy - notes

French Canadians in Troy, NY: A Neighborhood Study


During the 19th and early 20th centuries, many French Canadians from Quebec migrated to nearby New England and New York.  Most of the migrants were farm families who came to work in the mills and other growing industries across the border. They generally traveled from Quebec down Lake Champlain to Whitehall, then down the Hudson River.         Families often settled together in close-knit communities, thereby preserving their language and culture through their Catholic churches, schools, and newspapers. These "little Canada's" could be found in many cities throughout upstate New York, including Plattsburg, Ogdensburg, Fort Edward, Cohoes, Waterford, Watervliet, and Troy.

   This article will explore 9 French Canadian families in Troy's tenth ward from the 1860's to the early 1900's: Surprenant (Surprise), Demers, Gamache, Lamadeleine, Dupuis, Morin (Murray), Lachapelle, Chevalier, and Lefebvre . Research began with an in-depth look at the tenth ward census records. Family relationships were also discovered through the published Catholic church records of St. Jean Baptiste, St. Joseph's, and St. Mary's in Troy (available at Troy Public Library), plus obituaries, death certificates, newspapers (especially, and a large probate file for Demers.


French Canadian Names


French Canadian names can be a challenge for genealogists for the following reasons:

1.      There were many spelling variations of names, sometimes caused by  record keepers unfamiliar with French surnames.

2.      First names were also unfamiliar, such as Narcisse, Octave, Baptiste, Telesphore, Treffle, and Onesime.

3.      Translations of names (example: Surprenant = Surprise).

4.      Use of dit names (call names) and nicknames. Dit names originated in the military and were used in Canada to differentiate families. Many used one name for church records and another for civil records.


Brick makers and Others in Troy's Tenth Ward:


Many of the French Canadians in the tenth ward were brick makers working at Alexander Ferguson's brickyard, from the 1860's to early 1900's. Ferguson "transformed the clay hills of Mt. Ida and those on Hoosick street into good merchantable brick, that entered largely into the construction of the public and private buildings of Troy".[1] There was a 40 foot high clay bank that ran east to west along Hoosick St.[2] In 1892 there were plans for a new brick plant on Ferguson's property, and 15th St. was extended at that time.[3] Alexander died in 1909 and the business was sold to Cary Brick Co.  Most of these families did not own property, as a search of Rensselaer County deeds through 1895 found only the Demers name from this study.


Many families took in French Canadian boarders, many of whom were probably relatives. Notice the many inter relationships among these families.


Henry Surprise (~1835 - >1877) [the name Surprise is a trranslation of the French Surprenant. It can appear in records both ways]

  • 1859: Andre Surprenant married Elizabeth Morin at St. Joseph's, Troy 20 Nov., witnesses: Leonard Surprenant & Natalie Morin [Is Andre Henry, below?]
  • 1860: Henry Surprise 25 teamster, b. Canada, Elizabeth 18 b. Canada [Troy directory lists Henry as brick maker on Oakwood above Hoosick]
  • 1865: Henry Surprise 30 brick maker b. Canada, Elizabeth 22 b. Canada, Anna 4 b. Renss. Co., Melena 10 mo. b. Renss. Co.
  • 1870: Henry Surprise 38 brick maker b. Canada, Libbie 35 b. Canada, Anna 14 b. NY, Verbena 11 b. NY, Henry 9 b. NY, Edward 7 b NY, Frank 5 b. NY
  • 1875, 10th ward: Henry Suprise 38 teamster b Canada, Mary 36 b Canada (near John Demers) [same Henry? If so, where are the children?]
  • 1877: Troy Times - the family of Edward Surprise, the lad who was shot through the hand on 10th St. last Sunday is said to be in destitute circumstances. They reside on Sausse St. The father is in an insane asylum and the mother is also ill. Edward has no one to minister to his wants except a little brother[4]
  • 1880: Elizabeth Surprise 37 widow b. Canada, Mary 18 collar shop b. NY, Henry 15 lab b. NY, Edward 10 b. NY works in brickyard, Frederick 5 b. NY
  • 1899: Mrs. Elizabeth Surprise died 17 November. Funeral from residence on South St., and St. Jean Baptiste church. She was age 56 and had been ill for some time, resided in the city all her life [obvious error][5]
  • 1900, 42 Oakwood Ave.: (son) Edward Surprise 29 brick maker (b. NY April 1871), Georgiana 25 button holer (b. Canada), Joseph 6 (b. NY April 1894), Edward 1 (b. Jan 1899)


John Demers (1819-1900)

  • 1850: John Demerst 31 brick maker, b. Canada - at same address as John Archibald 63 brick maker, b. England, Ann 66 & family, plus many other brick makers from Canada and a few from Ireland (7th ward)
  • 1855: John Demers became trustee at St. John the Baptist (French) Church, Troy, 16 December. It took the name St. Jean Baptiste in 1867[6]
  • 1860: John Demerse 30 brick manuf. b. Canada, Elizabeth 26 b. Canada, Louis 5 b. Canada, Maria 3 b. Canada, Alice 1 b. NY, Henrietta 3 mo. b. NY, Mary Cary 36 servant b. Canada
  • 1861: John Demers purchased land on Oakwood Ave. from John & Ann Archibald for $3400. John Demers bought more land in 1865-1867. He & wife Onesime sold land in 1861, 1863, 1866 around Oakwood Ave. & Sausse St. He also bought land in 1875 from Maxime & Odile Gilbert in W. Troy, Albany Co. and sold it to Odile Cary in 1891[7].
  • 1865: John Demers 46 brick manufacturer b. Canada, Onesime 30 b. Canada, Henry Guerin 6 adopted child b. Renss. Co., Jane Depuy [Dupuis] 8 mo. adopted child b. Renss. Co., Matilda Hould 22 servant b. Canada, Julius Hould 37 brick maker b. Canada, Mitchel Hould 34 brick maker b. Canada [the Hould's are probably siblings of Onesime Houle, wife of John Demers - see footnote 8]
  • 1870: John Demus [Demers] 52 brick manufacturer b. Canada, Elizabeth 49 b. Canada, Jane 8 b. NY, Mary 6 b. NY, Ellen Parmer 16 [next door to Henry Surprise family]
  • 1875: John Demers 56 widow brick maker b. Canada, Mary 16 b. Renss. Co., Jane 14, John 13, Margaret Dervaux 46 b. Canada servant, Peter Provo 30 brick maker boarder b. Canada, Peter Lafever 25 brick maker boarder b. Canada, Medos Provo 23 brick maker boarder b. Canada [Peter may be Napoleon Lefevre, John's nephew - see below]
  • 1880: John Demers 60[8] widow brick maker b. Canada, Margaret Derwin [Dervaux] 50 servant, Meder Demers (male) 22 laborer boarder b. Canada, John Demers 18 b. Canada, Jenny 18 b. NY, John Rabideau 19 laborer boarder b. Canada. The family is next to Jerome Houle, then Napolion Lafav, Charles Murray, Elizabeth Surprise, and Treffle Lachapelle [see below]
  • 1880 Census Schedule of Manufacturers, Brickyards: John Demers: $15,000 invested in the business, 23 male workers, 2 children; they work 10 or 11 hour days
  • 1886: Eugenie (Jenny) Demers married Joseph Octave Drouin 12 January, St. Jean Baptiste, witnesses: John B. Demers, Josephine Houle
  • 1887, Troy Times: John Demers charged with stealing a watch from residence of Odille Cary in 4th ward, pleaded guilty[9]
  • 1900: John died 1 March (28 Feb in probate file) on Sausse St. after a long illness, almost 80 years old. He was a brick manufacturer for 40 years, came from Canada 50 years ago[10]
  • 1900: Probate file - Letters of Administration, dated 9 March 1900. Administrators were William Lord and Joseph Lefebvre. The estate appraisal listed Eugenie Demers Drouin the natural (but adopted) daughter of John Demers & Philomene Corbee. Eugenie was born in 1861 and an agreement was made with the mother through Odile Carey that the child would be surrendered to John Demers and that she would inherit his property upon his death. In 1900, the Rensselaer Co. Supreme Court adjudged that she was entitled to the funds. However, the estate was in litigation for several years. The following were named persons interested in the estate (many were nieces & nephews): Eugenie Demers Drouin (daughter, c/o Drouin & Drouin, Montreal); Matilda Houle (sister age 76, St. Athanase Quebec); children of deceased sister Emelie Lefebvre -- Pierre Lefebvre (age 54, Cohoes), Emily Gagne (age 52, Cohoes), Eugenie DeLisle (age 46, Cohoes), Alaric Lefebvre (age 37, Cohoes), Napoleon Lefebvre (age 50, Troy), Joseph Lefebvre (age 43, Troy), Azilda Lefebvre (age 48, Lachine, Quebec); children of deceased sister Rosalie Rouillier -- Rosalie Roman (age 48, St. Athanase, Quebec), Fridolin Bonneau (age 46, St. Phillippe, Quebec), Azilda Dupuis (age 44, St. Luc, Quebec), Noe Rouillier (age 40, St. Phillippe, Quebec), Appolonia Tremblay (age 38, Laprairie, Quebec), Melanise Houle (age 36, St. Alexandre, Quebec), Phillipe E. Rouillier (age 35, Montreal), Fridolin Rouillier (age 30, St. Phillippe, Quebec. Later in the file she is listed at Lathrop, Missoula, Montana); Lucrece Rouillier (age 25, Troy). Also listed was Albert Demers (brother age 78, St. Patrick, Sherrington, Quebec). Albert assigned his right to the estate to his son Albert Jr., signed with his X mark 17 March 1900. Albert died at St. Patrick, Sherrington, Quebec 27 May 1921, age 79, husband of Eleonore Vendal, sons were Joseph and Albert.[11]
  • 1900: Supreme Court in Rensselaer. Co. - partition of John Demer's lands. Many lots of land in the 10th ward, some in the 6th ward; the sand bank lot in Brunswick, plus lots in Grafton and West Troy[12]
  • 1902: final settlement of estate of John Demers, 31 July 1902.[13]


Jean Baptiste Gamache (1831-1904)

  • 1857, Henryville, Quebec, Canada: J.B. Gamache married Emelie Roireau Laliberte on 23 March. His parents: Marcel Gamache & Celeste Boucher.[14]  Henryville is in Haut-Richelieu area of Quebec, 37 miles from Montreal
  • 1870: John Gimersh [Gamache] 30? brick worker b. France, Emily 38 b. France, Celia 10 b. France, Clement 7 b. France, Emily 3 b. France, Frank 5? b. France [France must refer to French Canada. They are listed as b. Canada in other census]
  • 1875: Betsis [Baptiste][15] Giemash [Gamache] 38 brick maker b. Canada, Emilade 38 b. Canada, Betsis [Baptiste] 19 brick maker b. Canada, Celia 15 b. Canada, Clement 11 b. Canada, Emeline 10 b. Canada, Tilly 8 b. Canada, Mary 5 b. Renss. Co. [16] Dolphus? 3 b. Canada
  • 1880: John Gamasche 48 brick maker b. Canada, Melia [Emilade/Emily] 48 b. Canada, John 22 brick maker, Celia 19 b. Canada, Clement 17 b. Canada, Emma 16 b. Canada, Telly 12 b. Canada, Mary 10 b. NY
  • 1900, Hoosick St.: John Gamache 68 (b. Dec 1831 Canada), Emelie 64 (b. Aug 1835 Canada) married 42 yrs., both immigr. 1862, + 4 boarders
  • 1904: John died 25 Dec, buried St. Jean Baptiste cemetery [see note 15]; obituary states funeral from residence corner of 17th & Hoosick and St. Jean Baptiste church
  • 1905, Hoosick St.: Amelia Gamache 62 b. Canada, Agnes Faro [Perreault] 15 (niece)
  • 1910, Hutton St.: Emily Gamache 77 widow b. Canada (mother of 7, 6 living), grandmother of Arthur Surprenant 25 conductor on street RR, b. NY (par b. Canada), Agnes 20 b. NY (par b. Canada)[17]


Edmund Lamadeleine (1840-1924)

  • 1864: Edmund Lamadeleine married Christine Daudelin on 28 May, St. Joseph's
  • 1870 directory: Edmond Lamadlein brick maker, Sausse above Oakwood
  • 1873: Marie Christine bapt. 22 June, St. Jean Baptiste. Sponsors: Louis Dumoulin, Celina LaMadeleine [child probably died young - never in census]
  • 1875: Edward Medlin [Lamadeleine] 34 brick maker b. Canada, Christina 23 b. Canada, Elsie Furtice? boarder 19 b. Canada
  • 1877: Mary Asella Elvin bapt. 9 April at St. Joseph's [also must have died young]
  • 1880: Edwin Lamadline [Lamadeleine] 39 laborer b. Canada, Mary 38 b. NY, Mary Rilke? 60 servant b. Canada, John Borleow 24 laborer boarder b. Canada, Louis Borleow 17 laborer boarder b. Canada
  • 1900: 13th ward: Edwin Lamadeleine 60 (b. Fr. Canada June 1840) & Christy 57 (b. Fr. Canada Aug 1842) (mother of 4, none living) are Uncle & Aunt to Emma Lauderville 22 b. Fr. Canada and husband Eugene 31 b. NY, son Eugene 2 b. NY, daughter Ire..? 1 mo. b. NY, and father Benjamin Lamadeleine 80 (b. Canada June 1819)
  • 1904: Benjamin died 2 May, age 85, buried at St. Jean Baptiste, wife's name Marie Landry [probably father of Edmund - no death notice or obit found]
  • 1905: Edmond 62 brick maker & Christie 63 still living next to Lauderville family, 13th ward, 3231 7th. He is citizen, been here 42 yrs. [immigr. abt. 1863]
  • 1908/09: Edmund in Troy directory
  • 1922: Edmund in Troy directory, 192 9th
  • 1924: Edmund died 5 April, age 81, buried St. Mary's Cemetery. Obituary from Troy Times - Edmund LaMadeline died at the Home for the Aged, member of St. Jean Baptiste. Survivors: Mrs. Zoe Garceau of Canada and 4 brothers of N. Adams, MA - Joseph, Alfred, Wilfred and Lucien.[18]



Paul (Napoleon) Dupuis (1824-1904)

  • 1875: Paul Depre [Dupuis] 55 laborer b. Canada, Mary 48 b. Canada, Dennis 22 stove mounter b. Canada, Joseph 17 stove mounter b. Canada, Henry 15 b. Canada, John 10 b. Canada
  • 1878: son Telesphore (aka Dennis) married Esther Perrat 21 October at St. Jean Baptiste, witnesses: Paul Dupuis, Hubert Perrat [Perrault] 
  • 1880: Polion [Napoleon] Dupree [Dupuis] 59 carpenter b. Canada, Mary 54 b. Canada, Dennis 28 stove mounter b. Canada, Esther 28 b. Canada (dau-in-law), Telfore [Telesphore][19] 10 mo., grandson b. NY, Ele 10 grandson b. NY, Joseph 24 stove mounter  b. Canada, Henry 20 stove mounter b. Canada, John 18 stove mounter b. Canada
  • 1887: son Henry died 29 November, age 28, buried at St. Jean Baptiste. Parents: Paul Dupuis, Flavie St. Denis
  • 1900, 345 9th St.: Paul Duprie 76 (b. Canada Feb. 1824) carpenter, immigr. 1860, Mary 74 (b. Canada May 1826) (mother of 12, 3 living), John 37 b. NY (June 1863) stove mounter, Dennis 45 b. Canada (1854) stove mounter, Joseph 42 b. Canada (1858) farm labor
  • 1902: Mary died 26 June, wife of Paul, survived by husband and son John[20]
  • 1903: John Duprie, stove mounter, 574 6th in Lansingburgh; Paul is a boarder
  • 1904: Paul died 22 June, age 85, buried at St. Jean Baptiste. Wife was Marie St. Denis[21]


Charles Morin [a.k.a. Murray] (1843-1909) Known as Murray in census and directories, but Morin in church records

  • 1865: Charles Morin married Rosalie Houle 26 Feb at St. Joseph's, Troy
  • 1867 directory: Charles Murray, teamster, Oakwood & 10th
  • 1868: dau Marie Rosalie Morin bapt 30 August at St. Jean Baptiste. Sponsors: Julian Houle, Martine Hebert
  • 1869: dau Eleanore Morin bapt 24 October at St. Jean Baptiste. Sponsors: Andre Surprenant, Elizabeth Benoit
  • 1870, 10th ward: Charles Murray 40 brick mason b. Canada, Ellen 35 b. Canada, Anna 5 b. NY, Helen 3 [same family? - is Helen the Eleanore/Nora born ~ 1869?]
  • 1874 directory: Charles Murray, brick maker, Sausse St.
  • 1875 directory: Charles Moran, brick maker, Sausse St.
  • 1880, Sausse St.: Charles Murray [Morin] 40 laborer b. NY [error] (parents b. Canada), Rose 40 b. Canada, Nora 10 b. NY, Joseph Lafav 24 laborer boarder b. Canada, Peter Lafav 30 laborer boarder b. Canada
  • 1885 directory: Charles Murray, teamster, 12 Sausse
  • 1892/96 directories: Charles Murray, brick maker, Hutton & 16th
  • 1897: Eleanore Morin died 13 April, dau of Charles Murray & Rosalie Houle, buried at St. Jean Baptiste, age 28y,6m [born 1869]
  • 1900: Charles Murray [Morin] 50 brick worker (b. Canada May 1840) immigrated 1860: Rose 73 (b. Canada May 1827), George 10, Mary 7
  • 1905: Charles Murray 50 brick maker, Rosa 67, George 16 brick maker, Mary 12
  • 1909: Charles died 1 January at 10 Oakwood, buried at St. Jean Baptiste. Death Certificate states age 66 [born 1843], father is Peter Murray, mother Leanor Fountain, resident here 50 yrs. [thus arrived 1859]
  • 1919: Rosalie Houle died 13 March, buried at St. Jean Baptiste, wife of late Charles Morin, survived by 2 brothers, 1 sister, grandchildren George & Marie Morin, and niece Mrs. John Sohmer[22]


Treffle Lachapelle (1851-1911)

  • 1880: Treffle Lashepell [Lachapelle][23] 30 laborer b. Canada, Anne 21 b. NY, Treffle 4 b. NY, Anne 2 b. NY [next door is Elizabeth Surprise, next to her is Charles Murray, then Napolion Lafav, Jerome Houle, John Demers, and Edwin Lamadeleine, all on Sausse St.]
  • 1900: Geage? Lesbell [Lachapelle] 49 brick maker (b. Canada Feb 1851)  immigrated 1867 (in U.S. 33 yrs. but not found in census before 1880), Anna 39 (b. NY Sept 1860), Treffle 23 ( b. July 1876), Joseph 20 ( b. Oct 1879), Mary 11 (b. Sept 1888) [reside at 30 Sausse St.; Treffle Lachapelle at 30 Sausse in directory; Peter at same address; next door to Charles Murray family]
  • 1905, Sausse St.: Treffle 55 brick laborer b. Canada, Annie 45, Treffle 29, Joseph 25, Mary 17, + 5 boarders (brick makers)
  • 1910, Sausse St.: Treffle 60 brick maker, A [Alberta on Ancestry] 50, Treffle 34 bartender, + 2 boarders [Raymond Andre was baptised 5 August 1906 but does not appear in this census [Treffle was mis-spelled Juffley on]
  • 1910: Treffle Jr. died on 28 May at home, 30 Sausse St. Survived by parents, brothers Joseph and Raymond, and sister Mrs. John Kelly; attended St. Jean Baptiste church[24]
  • 1911: Treffle Sr. died on 14 March, at 30 Sausse St., born in Canada 60 years ago, survived by wife, sons Joseph and Raymond Lachapelle, and daughter Mrs. John Kelly[25] Death Certificate states age 60, brick maker, father is Colur? LaChapelle[26]



Louis Chevalier (~1830->1885)

  • 1854: Louis Chevalier married Rose Delima Larin, by Rev. Turcotte at St. Jean Baptiste church[27]; also listed at St. Joseph's: Louis Chevalier to Rose Lorin 12 Aug 1855, wit: Francis Delorme, Fabiane Vinet. They had 12 children - the first 6 children were baptized at St. Joseph's from 1856-1867; the next 6 baptized at St. Jean Baptiste from 1869-1879. Some must have died young as 12 children do not appear in the census.
  • 1860, 9th ward: Lewis Chevalaer 30 carpenter, Rose 24, Rose 4, Ezekelie 2, Caroline 5 mo.
  • 1865, 9th ward: Louis Shevallier 35 carpenter b. Canada, Rose 29, Rose 9 b. Renss. Co., Mary L. 8, A. (fem) 7, Caroline 5, Malvina 2
  • 1870: Louis Charlin [Chevalier] 30 carpenter b. Canada, Rose 34, Rose 14 b. NY, Exodocia 12, Caroline 10, Melina 6, Anna 3 [next to John Demers]
  • 1873, 29 July: Louis Chevalier, a Frenchman fell in a fit on the corner of 2nd and Ferry St. yesterday morning and was taken to Station 2 where he was restored to consciousness[28]
  • 1875, 11th ward: Louis Chevalier 44, Rose 40, Exodocia 17, Caroline 15 b. Renss. Co., Movenia? 11 b. Renss. Co., Anne 8 b. Renss. Co., William 4 b. Renss. Co., Cora 8 mo.
  • 1880, 11th ward, 2nd St.: Louis Chevalier 50 carpenter, Rosella 44, Carrie 20, Malvina 15, Annie 12, William 9, Cora 5, Arthur 4, Lena 1, Rose 23, Dora Bellisle 21 b. Montreal (Dora is Exodocia), Moses Bellisle 30 son-in-law carpenter, b. Montreal
  • 1885 directory: Louis Chevalier, carpenter at 60 Jefferson




Napoleon Lefebvre (~1850->1905)

  • 1875: "Peter Lefevre" 25 living with John Demers family (above) is probably Napoleon, who is John Demer's nephew [see Demers probate file]
  • 1876: Napoleon Lefevre married Marie Edw. Robert 27 April at St. Jean Baptiste Church. Witnesses: Jean Demers, Jerome Houle
  • 1877: Joseph baptized to Napoleon Lefebvre & Edwidge Robert 22 April, St. Jean Baptiste (he died in 1896, age 18, buried at St. Jean Baptiste Cemetery)
  • 1879: Marie Virginie baptized 31 May, St. Jean Baptiste (married Gregory Nold, she died 1959, buried St. Mary's, Hoosick)
  • 1880: Napoleon Lafav 28 laborer b. Canada, Mary 21 b. Canada, Joseph 3 b. NY, Jeney 1 b. NY
  • 1900: Napolian Lefevre 50 (b. Canada Aug 1849) brick maker, immigrated 1874, Mary 41 (b. Canada July 1858), Jennie 21 (b. NY May 1879), Zodia 19 (b. NY Sept 1880) [lived at 8 Sausse St. in directory; family was next to Robert family: Cherie? 39 brick maker, Minnie? 36, 7 children... next to Charles Murray]
  • 1905, Pittstown, Renss. Co.: Napoleon Lefebre 51? farmer b. Canada (in U.S. 33 yrs.), Edwidge 46 b. Canada (in U.S. 43 yrs.)
  • 1910, Pittstown: Paul Lefeber 60 b. Canada, farmer (immigr. 1880), Mary 49 b. Canada, mother of 3 (2 living)

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